From universal turning
to Turn & Mill

NLX 2500SY | 700

  • The top-seller with counter spindle and Y-axis
  • Turning diameter up to 366 mm
  • Turning length up to 705 mm

BMT® turret with 10,000 rpm-1

  • Improved machining capacity and milling accuracy

Flat guides on all axes

  • Optimum damping characteristics and dynamic rigidity

100 mm Y-axis

  • Eccentric machining

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Technology cycles:
examples of universal turning

Gear milling

  • Programming of gear parameters via dialogue inputs
  • Tool service lives maximised by shifting the milling cutter
  • Achievable quality ≤ DIN 8

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Easy Tool Monitor

  • Damage prevention in the case of broken or overloaded tools
  • Immediate feed stop after one second
  • No sensors thanks to innovative evaluation algorithms
  • Automated learning of load limits

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CTX beta 800 TC

  • Universal package with chuck, chip conveyor, internal coolant supply and multi-tools as standard
  • Turning diameter up to 500 mm
  • Turning length up to 800 mm

compactMASTER® with 120 Nm

  • 530 cm³/min chip removal rate (Ck45)

< 5 µm thermal stability

  • Excellent surface quality thanks to spindle length compensation

Up to 80 tools

  • Unlimited flexibility and shortest set-up times

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Technology cycles:
examples Turn & Mill

Protection Package*

    • Increased efficiency due to reduced idle times


  • Machine Protection Control
    • Vibration sensor on the milling spindle
    • Rapid shutdown < 10 milliseconds
  • Easy Tool Monitor 2.0
    • Tool monitoring system

*Package comprising MPC and Easy Tool Monitor 2.0

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5-axis simultaneous machining

  • Intelligent movement guidance for perfect surfaces
  • Free-form surfaces using 5-axis interpolation
  • 5-axis movements programmed using customer’s CAD/CAM system
  • Look-ahead function for continuous processing

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