CAM programming with exclusive DMG MORI power tools


  • Automatic program creation in production engineering
  • NEW: Technology Library, Adaptive Process, CAM Agent
  • NEW: 24 DMG MORI experts assist you with the introduction of SIEMENS NX, AUTODESK FeatureCAM and ESPRIT
  • Exclusive modular DMG MORI software solutions

Technology Library

Reliable production based on your expertise! Save and retrieve whole sequences and tool technologies at the press of a button.

  • Recognised features are specified with familiar tools and technology parameters
  • Approved cutting parameters are automatically assigned in new programs


Adaptive Process

Quality under control! Fully automatic in-process alignment of components, machining of fits and recording.

  • Easy-to-use input screens enable …
    • Fits to be produced with high accuracy
    • Measuring probes to be calibrated
    • Measurements to be recorded
  • Adaptive process control
  • All directly on the controller without interfering with the machine

Virtual Machine

Avoid real problems in the virtual world!
Multi-machine control and unmanned production by controlling your NC programs.

  • 1:1 simulation with numerous new functions
  • Simple handover to the simulation software using DMG MORI interfaces for:
    • Clamping devices
    • Zero points and table positions
    • Tools and NC programs

CAM Agent

NC programs without end!
Component families from your CAD software once learned automatically generate NC programs to your requirements for any variants.

  • DMG MORI Smart Programming enables:
    • Learning of a template from any CAD system
    • Automated program creation while maintaining all previously defined procedures and technologies
    • Automatic matching of programs to existing tools and technologies when changing machines