Technology Cycles

Shop floor programming
with exclusive DMG MORI technology cycles


  • Dialogue-assisted programming with 26 exclusive cycles for handling, measuring, clamping and monitoring
  • NEW: Intelligent grinding cycles for internal, external and surface grinding
  • Real-time monitoring for maximum process safety and component quality

Handling- cycles

  • Shorter idle times thanks to automatic sorting of the tools in the magazine in the required sequence
  • Time-optimized sorting in the chain magazine by using the tool shuttle instead of the spindle

Measuring- cycles

  • Tool kit for checking and correcting the kinematic accuracy of 4 and 5-axis machine configurations
  • All head variants and table axes Note: In conjunction with the measuring probe option only

Machining- cycles

  • The AE (Acoustic Emission) sensor detects the first contact between grinding wheel and workpiece
  • For internal, external and surface grinding
  • Dressing cycles for dressing the grinding wheel

Monitoring- cycles

  • Vibration sensor on the milling spindle
  • NEW: Cutting force monitoring for drilling and thread-cutting